Debra Yamanaka Named CEO of Excel Technologies


Excel Technologies, a premier provider of services to the federal government, is pleased to announce the appointment of Debra Yamanaka as Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Yamanaka brings over three decades of expertise in program management, general technology, and resiliency in the National Security, Defense, Civilian and Commercial sectors. Excel Technologies is a woman-owned small business that provides comprehensive information technology and management services to further the nation's national security and civilian service missions.

"Technology exists for one reason, and one reason only – to help humans be better at the mission of humaning," Ms. Yamanaka said. "Through it we can take better care of each other, further explore our universe, revive our planet, live longer and healthier lives, and create what was once unimaginable."

In her previous role as Vice President, Ms. Yamanaka was responsible for overseeing corporate service offerings and operations in the Federal Civilian market. She is a resiliency specialist with a specific focus in organizational survivability and crisis management. Before joining the Excel team, Ms. Yamanaka served in leadership positions at firms that include SRA International and HP (EDS). Her early career work in the Intelligence Community as a specialist in general and advanced computing systems has enabled her to remain on top of emerging technology trends, providing business- and user-focused solutions to complex problems.

Excel Technologies, LLC was founded in 2003 with the explicit vision of supporting the national security mission of the federal government through unparalleled IT services. Excel has evolved into a woman-owned small business that remains committed to the American people and continues to demand excellence in all aspects of our work. Retiring founder and former President Ren Jamieson will continue to serve as interim Chief Financial Officer.

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