Inova Health System Debuts Venture Arm and An Accelerator


The Inova Health System today announced the official launch of Inova Strategic Investments (ISI), and the Inova Personalized Health Accelerator (IPHA). Hooks Johnston and Pete Jobse have been named managing directors. The fund is designed to raise the standard for affordable, high quality health care at Inova and in our region in an industry undergoing dramatic transformation.

Inova Strategic Investments will invest in healthcare venture funds and will also invest directly into companies aligned with Inova’s strategic priorities as part of Inova’s vision to be a global leader in the delivery of personalized health. These strategic priorities include advanced analytics, innovations in safety, quality and clinical practices, and advances in information technology. The IPHA will host six to eight companies per year and provide education and capital to entrepreneurial companies. These companies will be working closely with Inova in order to drive the development of personalized health innovations to predict, prevent, and treat disease. Both the IPHA facility and Inova Strategic Investments will be located at the new Inova Center for Personalized Health.

“The healthcare industry is undergoing dramatic transformation, including advances and disruption in clinical practice and precision medicine, the increased availability of health data online and growing consumer engagement in personal wellness,” said Knox Singleton, CEO, Inova Health System. “These changes provide new opportunities and a real imperative for Inova to facilitate development and adoption of the next generation of innovations that will improve the way we deliver care.”

Hooks Johnston comes to Inova with significant experience as an investor, entrepreneur, and as an executive. Johnston was most recently with Valhalla Partners, a venture fund he co-founded and where he was a General Partner. Valhalla Partners manages two funds totaling $440M, and has invested in 43 companies.

Pete Jobse also comes to Inova with significant experience as an investor, entrepreneur, and as an executive. Jobse was most recently CEO of the Center for Innovative Technology, whose GAP Fund made 135 seed stage investments and is recognized as one of the nation’s top 100 investors. Jobse also created and led the MACH37 Cyber-Accelerator, the first cyber security focused accelerator in United States.

“Our goal is to seek out the latest technologies and get them quickly into the point of care at all of our facilities,” said Hooks Johnston. “Inova Strategic Investments and the Inova Personalized Health Accelerator give Inova vehicles to discern which innovations deliver the most value for the people we serve and implement them quickly.”

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About Inova

Inova is a global leader in personalized health, which leverages precision medicine to predict, prevent and treat disease, enabling individuals to live longer, healthier lives. At Inova, we serve more than 2 million people each year from throughout the Washington, DC, metro area and beyond.

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