Accounting Seed Announces A New Strategic Partnership With Cloud Payroll


Accounting Seed, a leading internet-based accounting application built on the Salesforce Platform, is excited to announce its new partnership with Cloud Payroll, a leading Internet-based payroll solution, to further enhance their customers' financial management experience.

Cloud Payroll adds another layer of speed and convenience to the Accounting Seed suite by freeing customers from having to re-enter payroll data from an outside source. Now, payroll data will automatically flow into Accounting Seed's general ledger through the seamless integration with Cloud Payroll.

Accounting Seed CEO Tony Zorc relates, "We're excited to work with Cloud Payroll because this integration will eliminate the work in transforming and entering payroll data into the general ledger for our users. With this partnership, customers can expect Accounting Seed and Cloud Payroll to really streamline the way they manage payroll and accounting."

Cloud Payroll is a comprehensive payroll solution that emphasizes flexibility, security, and reliability in its platform. Organizations have the freedom to define their schedules, process payroll, and turn on additional payroll modules based on their own structure. "Partnering with Accounting Seed is a great opportunity for both of our organizations," said Cloud Payroll VP of Sales Frank Grant. "Accounting Seed's strong product and connection to Salesforce means that our range of potential customers has greatly expanded. Customers will have a truly holistic picture of their payroll with their accounting that just got a lot easier to manage!"

Accounting Seed

Started in 2008, Accounting Seed is a fully native accounting program built on the Platform, allowing customers to manage accounting data with all other core business management programs on a single platform with one interface. Accounting Seed offers a robust set of features including customer billing, collections, revenue management, vendor management, general ledger, banking, financial reporting, and more. For more information, follow us on YouTube or visit

Cloud Payroll 

Cloud Payroll is a technology company that delivers a cloud-based payroll engine to organizations that are looking for increased flexibility, efficiency, and security. Cloud Payroll's technology is built for companies in any industry, empowering organizations to select modules and partnerships that meet their needs. For more information on Cloud Payroll's products visit

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