Clearway Pain Solutions Merges with KureSmart Pain Management


Annapolis, MD, Sept. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Clearway Pain Solutions has merged with KureSmart Pain Management, creating one of the largest integrated pain solutions practices in the U.S. with 37 doctors and 46 clinical practitioners serving 36 locations in Maryland, Florida, Alabama, Delaware and Michigan.

“With this merger, Clearway becomes one of the largest interventional pain management practices in the United States, but it’s not about size just for the sake of being the biggest,” said Dr. Damean Freas, who was CEO of KureSmart and now serves as the CEO of the overall Clearway organization. “We now get to reach more patients, attract and retain the best talent and provide the most advanced treatments that make a real difference in our patients’ lives.”

Clearway Pain Solutions is the flagship brand with the corporate headquarters in Annapolis, MD, where KureSmart is currently based. The combined organization will leverage financial, operational, clinical and technological resources as part of a national strategy to deliver excellence in comprehensive interventional pain management services. The Clearway platform also means more opportunity for doctors and clinical professionals who want to grow their careers and practice quality medicine in a supportive team environment.

Dr. Freas also explained that the broader Clearway Pain Solutions platform is good for those needing a trusted practice to send patients in need of specialized pain management. “The overall Clearway organization has a long history of effectively partnering with referring physician offices, Worker’s Comp and law firms needing quality interventional pain management care for those they serve. They know they can trust us to deliver, and our capabilities will only increase across all of our markets as a result of this merger.”

Clearway is also going to be positioned to help address the opioid crisis in the communities they serve through its integrated, interventional approach to pain management where a multi-disciplinary team works together to alleviate pain but also solve the root causes of pain. Dr. Freas said that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, overdose deaths from opioids have increased almost six times since 1999, killing more than 47,000 people in 2017, with 36% of those deaths involving prescription opioids.1

“For two decades, patients in pain were being prescribed highly addictive pain killers to manage their pain like there was a magic pill, sometimes with little to no integrated approaches or interventional treatments for the root causes of pain,” Dr. Freas added. “At Clearway, we’re changing that for the better, and as a practicing pain care physician, it’s very exciting to be part of a team that is helping to define the future of pain management.”

Details of the transaction were not disclosed.

About Clearway Pain Solutions

Clearway Pain Solutions is a leading interventional pain management medical practice and one of the largest in the U.S. with nearly 100 doctors and clinical practitioners in more than 35 locations across five states and growing. Clearway’s growth is driven by our compassionate, patient-centered system of integrated care that includes interventional treatments, medication management, chiropractic services, physical therapy, massage therapy and regenerative medicine. Our dedication to helping solve the opioid crisis drives our comprehensive and conservative approach to pain care and our physicians carefully prescribe and closely monitor each patient to ensure proper use of all medications. For more information, please visit

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