Deep Root Analytics Announces New Partnership with a4 media


Deep Root Analytics, an audience-powered analytics company, today announced a new integration with a4 media, the first and only end-to-end platform that makes it simple to execute audience-based multiscreen ad campaigns for local, regional and national advertising clients.

This integration will allow clients to activate Deep Root's proprietary audiences across the digital advertising ecosystem. These audiences include political segments such as Swing Voters and Blue Collar Voters, as well as public affairs audiences such as Influentials and Tax Reform Persuadables. Audiences may be activated across display and video inventory, including household addressable OTT. A sample list of available audiences is below.

Deep Root creates these proprietary audiences by leveraging its analytics, targeting and metrics infrastructure to produce a variety of highly accurate probabilities for every individual on a wide variety of measures that matter to advertisers. These probabilities are built off of an in-house national file that is rich with vote history, consumer and behavioral data and regularly enhanced with large-sample surveys. These audiences are then comprised of individuals who fit within the criteria of each segment.

For more information on how to activate these audiences for your advertising campaign, and for a full audience list, please contact Kelly Georgia, Deep Root's VP of Data and Digital Partnerships at, or Kate Holliday, Director of Emerging Channels at

Deep Root is an audience-powered analytics company that does four things: identifies your organization's ideal audiences, optimizes your advertising based on how those audiences consume media, integrates them into platforms for linear, addressable and digital ad delivery, and measures how your audiences are being impacted by paid and earned media.

a4, a division of Altice USA, is an advanced advertising and data business that provides audience-based, multiscreen advertising solutions to local, regional and national businesses and advertising clients. a4 enables advertisers to reach most U.S. households on television through cable networks, on-demand and addressable inventory across the U.S., and through authenticated, privacy-compliant IP addressability supported by rich data sets and powerful analytics and attribution services in a simple, user-friendly way.

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