Corporate Wireless Expense Management Company, OpDecision, Selects The Unicorn Group


The Unicorn Group, LLC is pleased to announce that it has been selected by OpDecision to lead its national business development initiatives effective immediately.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with The Unicorn Group. John Aggrey’s vast network of high-level decision makers and executives is of immeasurable value to our business model,” said Drew Polin, President of OpDecision. “With our risk-free value proposition, success happens with C-level introductions and relationship building. The Unicorn Group has acted as an immediate bridge in granting access to circles of executive power and facilitated Yes votes to our revenue-positive proposals by leveraging personal relationships that have all been evident to develop into friendships and a foundation of trust. This dynamic provides OpDecision the opportunity to share the background of our services with the knowledge that they are sitting down with us with an open mind to qualify if they see a potential fit.”

“The Unicorn Group is pleased to be working with OpDecison executive team to introduce its expense reduction business model to our corporate ‘buy side’ executive relationships.” said John Aggrey, Chairman and CEO of The Unicorn Group. “In a world where almost everything these days is dependent on wireless technology, it’s great to represent a company like OpDecison that stands ready to help businesses cut costs in a risk free way.”

About OpDecision

OpDecision is a leading provider of corporate wireless expense management services.

Through our extensive industry experience and innovative wireless cost analysis process, our consulting services can deliver ongoing savings of up to 45%.

Reducing wireless expenses is our core business. Leveraging extensive cellular industry experience and inside knowledge, we have created a set of services which focus entirely on reducing and managing corporate and institutional wireless costs. On average, our clients achieve ongoing, double-digit savings from our work on their accounts. Clients include: Astra Zeneca, MOEN, TD Bank, Hess, Philadelphia 76’ers, Kinder Care, and Holland & Knight.

About The Unicorn Group

The management of The Unicorn Group provides ‘Strategic Consulting’, ‘CEO Advisory’ and ‘Executive Relationship Marketing(ERM)’ to over 115 early stage, mid stage and Fortune 500 companies nationwide.Our unique approach to ERM is patterned after the Asian principles of Guanxi (pronounced Guan-chee). With a personal network of over 6,000 senior executives in the United States and around the world, we screen the business and technology landscape to identify hard to find, best-of-breed, early stage business solutions and present them to relevant decision-makers in targeted industry verticals to create efficiencies and optimize productivity.

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