Rose Financial Solutions Acquires Veraccounts


Rose Financial Solutions (RFS), The Premier U.S. Based Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Firm™, announced that it has acquired Count Em Beans LLC, a Northern Virginia outsourced accounting firm doing business as Veraccounts.

“We’d like to extend our warmest welcome to Veraccounts’ clients and team, including Managing Member, Tiffany Kao,” said Ted Rose, president, CEO and founder of RFS. “With a shared strategic vision, the acquisition enables RFS to expand our client base while bringing our shared service center capabilities to dozens of Veraccounts’ clients.”

The acquisition builds on the plans RFS put into place in 2019 to accelerate its growth and take advantage of secular and technology shifts to deliver financial clarity that allows clients to make better business decisions.

Founded in 2011, Count Em Beans (dba Veraccounts) provides fast growing and established companies with proactive outsourced accounting solutions in order to streamline and increase the efficiency of a company’s accounting operations to meet the challenges of expansion and rapid growth.

As part of the acquisition, Veraccounts Managing Member Tiffany Kao will join RFS as the Client Growth Partner to help existing and new clients outsource their critical back office functions to RFS. “We are all excited to join the innovative and talented team at Rose Financial Solutions to continue to deliver on our vision of delivering proven outsourced accounting services that help businesses scale operations quickly,” said Kao.

About Rose Financial Solutions

Rose Financial Solutions (RFS) is the Premier U. S. Based Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Firm™ serving clients worldwide through its shared service center in Rockville, Maryland. Through financial clarity, RFS provides our clients with the financial confidence they need to achieve more. Our cost-effective and scalable solutions provide the meaningful, timely and accurate financial information and guidance needed to make better business decisions, minimize compliance-related risks and improve financial performance. RFS leverages the latest technology to convert accounting information into business intelligence. Learn more about RFS at

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