Columbia Treatment Center Names Bob Barry and Steve Adler Managing Partners


Robert “Bob” Barry, Jr.

Former Columbia Addictions Center, A Leading Resource On Substance Use and Mental Health, Takes Strategic Steps Toward Expanding Scope and Distribution of Services

The Columbia Treatment Center (CTC), a leading provider of clinical support for adults and adolescents struggling with substance use and mental health, and noted resource for the legal community in evaluating such issues, announced today that it has added Robert “Bob” Barry, Jr. and Steven Adler as managing partners and members of the company’s board. The former Columbia Addictions Center, which emerged under its new name last year, said both the rebrand and executive appointments will position the company to broaden its services and expand the footprint over which it delivers them.

For more than 30 years, CTC has been a relied-upon resource throughout Howard County, offering innovative, clinically sound treatment services provided by Master Level licensed therapists to benefit those with substance use disorders. Its compassionate environment places top priority on health and safety, and its programs are considered best in class by professionals and clients alike. The company’s new name clears a path for adding new services as treatment approaches evolve.

“Our name change is consistent with current standards in both philosophy and terminology regarding substance use and mental health,” said Program Administrator and Clinical Supervisor Eileen Dewey, LCSW-C. “It is a direct response to the evolution we have seen where addressing substance use and mental health issues requires more of an all-encompassing approach.”

Barry and Adler will help CTC optimally leverage its new name, Dewey added. Adler is the founder of Steven H. Adler Big & Tall Men's Apparel in Timonium, Md., and gained acclaim for having revived the Historic Savage Mill. He has served on numerous boards, including the Howard County YMCA, of which he was chair, and the YMCA of Central Maryland. Barry has been CEO of three companies, most recently The Greene Turtle Franchising Corporation, and currently holds business development and advisory roles with several local businesses. He also has served on the boards of both the American Heart Association and the Restaurant Association of Maryland.

“Bob and Steven both have impressive backgrounds highlighted by helping companies tap their full potential,” said Dewey. “I’m confident they will help us identify and pursue strategic opportunities for growth. We’re honored to have both of them join CTC.”

Under Barry and Adler’s leadership, CTC has already launched a new community initiative to provide Free Virtual Parental Support Groups. The new service is the result of extensive research to develop tools specifically for supporting families in the midst of a pandemic. CTC is now seeking parents of middle school, high school and college students to join the weekly groups, which cover topics such as managing anxiety, self-care, routine, substance use and more.

“COVID-19 has transformed all of our lives,” Dewey said, “and parenting has not been immune to these changes. Parents need support now more than ever, as they and their children adjust to new social, academic and professional norms. Giving them a way to share ideas, voice concerns and challenges and simply to know they’re not alone can make all the difference in the world in meeting this new world head-on,” Dewey said.

CTC has also been expanding its clinical team and embraced new methods for keeping them connected with one another and with clients. Teletherapy has enabled the company to deliver uninterrupted treatment, Dewey said, and establishing a trusted telehealth program has positioned CTC to extend beyond its Howard Countybase.

“Studies have shown that teletherapy can be as effective as and in certain cases more effective than in-person services,” said Dewey. “We will continue to develop virtual services as a stop-gap measure during these atypical times, but also as a means of furthering our ongoing mission to reach as many as people as possible with our proven formula for recovery.”

About Columbia Treatment Center

Columbia Treatment Center (CTC) provides outpatient care for clients seeking professional support to meet their substance use treatment needs and goals. Outpatient treatment begins with a thorough evaluation to assess clients’ overall substance use in the broader context of their life, exploring mental health, physical health, family dynamics, substance use history, and life stressors. Clients are provided with customized treatment plans combining substance use groups, individual therapy, drug and alcohol screening, and relapse prevention support, all tailored to prepare them for successful and sustainable recovery. CTC firmly believes we have only done our job when clients leave with greater awareness and self-respect, as reflected in healthier life choices. For more information, please visit or call (410) 730-1333.

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