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Soulidifly Productions, a film company with a mission to produce meaningful, uplifting stories that are entertaining and beautifully told, has partnered with TRIAL X FIRE, LLC, the distribution branch of Urban Home Entertainment, to release Joseph to audiences everywhere on video-on-demand starting December 24, 2020, on Amazon Prime and Vimeo.

"Joseph will bring viewers a deeper understanding of how the search for truth can be healing, especially during times of social and political unrest," said BK Fulton, founding chairman and CEO, Soulidifly Productions. "This film aligns with 2019's 'Year of Return' and the 'Decade of Return' currently being expressed by African leaders and global influencers as more people search for answers in the present by looking to clues from the past."

Winner of the 2020 "Best Diaspora Narrative Feature" award at the Africa Movie Academy Awards, Joseph was shot on location in Ghana, Jamaica and Barbados and produced by Step by Step Productions with assistance from Soulidifly Productions. Joseph is a dramatic feature film about Joseph King, a young Jamaican doctor with a burning desire to re-connect to his family's roots with the Ashanti tribe in Ghana. The quest to "go home" creates family conflict. Joseph's curiosity about Africa is fueled even more by a friend from medical school, who would boast about his homeland Ghana. His stories contradict with what Joseph hears and sees about Africa in the media. A serious tragedy, a chance meeting and an unfulfilled promise drive Joseph towards an uncertain destiny.

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Joseph has been endorsed and supported by the Governments of Ghana, Jamaica and Barbados and was included in the Ghana Tourism Authority's "Year Of Return." The film was released theatrically in Ghana, Nigeria, Jamaica and other Caribbean islands, and in the U.S. in select AMC theaters earlier this year.

Directed by Marcia Weekes and co-written by Weekes and Delphine Itambi from the Republic of Cameroon, the film includes Caribbean/African actors and artists.

About Soulidifly Productions

Founded in 2017, Soulidifly tells the stories of multiethnic, multigenerational people across various segments of life, experiences and eras.

About Trial X Fire, LLC

A distribution brand of Urban Home Entertainment, TRIAL X FIRE, LLC (TXF) is a privately owned company that specializes in Movies, Television, and Musical programming.

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