Babel Street Acquires Dark Web Indexing Technology


WASHINGTON, Jan. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Babel Street, Inc., the world’s leading AI-enabled data-to-knowledge company, today announced it acquired intellectual property (IP) assets known as the TORI Dark Web Rapid Indexer.

The acquired technology collects, curates and indexes massive volumes of dark web content within minutes; the current industry standard requires weeks or months at such large volumes. These automated and timely updates of dark web data, when combined with Babel Street’s patented and AI-driven, cross-lingual search technology across more than 200 languages, enables customers to discover and decipher ever more relevant data to inform their teams and accomplish their missions.

The IP will be integrated into the full Babel Street product suite -- Babel X®, Babel BOX® and Babel Channels®. The enhanced capability will support a wide range of use cases permitting Babel Street customers to:

  • Exploit hackers tampering with IT systems the day it starts
  • Identify the sale of dangerous, stolen and counterfeit items -- illicit drugs, stolen credit cards, bitcoin keys, illegal weapons, fake vaccines and more -- as they are listed on the black market
  • Intervene proactively to control data leaks and hackers’ data dumps of social security numbers (SSN), personally identifiable information (PII), credit card numbers, trade secrets, proprietary information and more
  • React quickly to slow the spread of disinformation and fake news before it breaks into the mainstream social networks

“Babel Street prides itself on being thoughtful stewards of data and empowering their customers to make the world a better place,” said the founder and CEO of RunSafe Security, Inc., Joe Saunders who advised on the transaction. “It was important to us that the technology was sold to a good corporate citizen whose customers would greatly benefit from using it to combat attempts of bad actors to do harm. We wholeheartedly trust Babel Street and the company’s ability to advance the technology to the next level, enabling their customers to protect the safety and lives of people, governments and organizations.”

“As we see on a daily basis, bad actors continue to use the dark web to threaten our livelihood, safety, and way of life. With our customers’ missions top of mind, we acquired this cutting-edge technology to enhance our ability to detect illicit activity in near real time on the dark web,” said Babel Street founder and CEO, Jeffrey Chapman. “It is a perfect complement to our suite of analytical tools and existing data offerings, providing increased value to our customers.”

Babel Street continually pursues opportunities to further innovate its platform and product suite. In 2020, Babel Street acquired technology to help its clients further identify the intersection of key trends and influential voices from publicly available information (PAI).

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About Babel Street
Babel Street is the world’s leading AI-enabled data-to-knowledge company that allows clients to discover and decipher the insights they need to empower their missions, regardless of source, location or language. Babel Street products streamline the process of turning data into knowledge by automatically converting client-selected data from over 200 languages to their native language. All publicly available or private data sources can be rapidly deciphered by Babel Street software and utilized to maximize the effectiveness of clients' decision-making processes. With the aid of Babel Street tools, analysts are able to easily filter information to be used in an endless number of ways; everything from deriving large consumer and social trends to identifying threats to a public location or a singular person's life. The company provides organizations with the ability to activate relevant data and act on it faster than ever before. Babel Street is privately held and is headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area, with offices in London and Canberra. For more information, visit

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