Multi-Cultural BeBop Channel Awaits FINRA Clearance, Steve Clemons in as CEO


Steve Clemons

Veteran Washington journalist and builder of policy institutions Steve Clemons, who has held several top-level positions inside the beltway including at The Atlantic, New America Foundation, National Journal, Quartz, and is currently and will remain editor at large of The Hill, has taken the helm as CEO at the new multi-arts, multicultural platform, The BeBop Channel.

'BeBop', which has received SEC qualification for a REG A Offering, is submitting to FINRA for clearance to have its shares traded on OTC Pink. The BeBop Channel Corporation is inviting the public to join its mailing list to keep abreast of the company's developments.

Billed as The Global City for Artists and Their Fans, the company seeks to disrupt not-for-profit performing arts models in the areas of Jazz, Dance, Theatre, and Independent Global Films by pairing physical performance events such as festivals with its streaming and 24/7 broadcast channel.

Clemons, who is no stranger to producing events as the former Washington editor-at-large of The Atlantic and editor-in-chief of AtlanticLIVE, says, "The BeBop Channel's mission is to serve as a bastion of arts promotion in mainstream culture. Inclusivity and representation of often marginalized artists who share their unfiltered stories is also at the heart of the Channel which focuses on preserving the historical integrity of art forms."

Notably, BeBop's global filmmakers are also compensated through stock ownership as a new monetization model to "combat many of the limited opportunities young filmmakers face in an industry of big budget-producers and networks," says Clemons.

BeBop has already secured app interfaces with Roku, AppleTV, AndroidTV, FireTV, GooglePlay and Spotify and is launching its performance concept at The BeBop Channel Hotel Festival in Poughkeepsie, New York in August, 2021.

The festival is going to be billed as a 'Moulin Rouge-type-festival' for Jazz, Dance, Theatre and Film, testing the idea of coalescing all performance and film festival aspects of the global city as a tourist attraction and hotel stay, says Sue Veres Royal, BeBop Channel COO.

Clemons joins a talented team of creators at the Channel including Veres Royal, Broadway and Duke Ellington Orchestra veteran Gregory Charles Royal as Artistic Director, and television personality Dr. Jeff Gardere who has joined The BeBop Channel's Board of Directors.

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