Michael Sikorski Joins Trinity Cyber Advisory Board


Trinity Cyber, Inc., a Gartner Cool Vendor for Network and Endpoint Security 2020, today announces that Michael Sikorski, one of the cybersecurity industry's technical leaders, has been named to its Advisory Board effective immediately. Sikorski is the founder and leader of the FireEye Labs Advanced Reverse Engineering (FLARE) team, where he leads one of the world's top reverse engineering and threat analysis operations. He and his team recently uncovered the SolarWinds supply chain backdoor malware. Sikorski literally wrote the book on malware analysis with "Practical Malware Analysis," which was inducted into the Cybersecurity Canon Hall of Fame in 2019.

This appointment comes as companies are spending more on cybersecurity than ever before, despite the fact that more spending has not resulted in additional security. Security measures are not evolving alongside cyberattacks, leaving commercial enterprise networks vulnerable. The cybersecurity complex needs innovation—and Trinity Cyber is delivering it.

Trinity Cyber technology acts as a trusted third party to every internet session, delivering a good guy Man-in-the-Middle (MiTM) that places a new capability out-of-band, and outside the customer's network and existing security products. Trinity Cyber's patented prevention technology provides deeper and more accurate inspection of full internet sessions, as well as the ability to remove or alter command and control in flight—effectively sanitizing network traffic in real time, with no perceived latency and a near-zero false detection rate.

This approach provides novel cybersecurity insulation in an otherwise stagnant market. Trinity Cyber's malware analysis and threat intelligence team literally alters bytes in flight. The Trinity Cyber team that marshals this profoundly powerful capability is led by Vice President of Analysis Jeremy Brown, who Sikorski has referred to as his "apprentice". Brown recently showed off Trinity Cyber's ability to modify second-stage command and control traffic as an invisible middleman during a threat hunting webinar with Google's VirusTotal and Trend Micro.

"I'm really excited to join the Advisory Board of a company that is the place to be for those in our industry who want to apply true high-end cyber tradecraft. It reminds me of the early days of Mandiant and the FLARE team," said Sikorski. "Trinity Cyber's capability is a dream come true for the good guys who always wanted to mess with would-be intruders live on the wire." Referring to his vast experience in incident response, he added, "You don't want to play whack-a-mole during an incident, since the attacker will just quickly change their tools and tactics. Trinity Cyber can buy you the time to figure out what the attacker is doing before tipping your hand, all while keeping them from stealing and causing damage to your network."

Throughout his impressive career, Sikorski has led and advanced the reverse engineering capability of the world's top security companies and agencies. He is a graduate of NSA's SNIP program and was a researcher at MIT Lincoln Lab. Sikorski joined what was a small incident response firm, Mandiant, in 2007, and worked there until it was acquired by FireEye for $1B in December 2013. Once at FireEye, Sikorski founded the FLARE team and spearheaded its rise into a central and front-line malware analysis, intelligence and innovation center for the company. Sikorski is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Columbia University.

Sikorski joins an impressive roster of Trinity Cyber Advisory Board members that include Chris Inglis, former Deputy Director of the National Security Agency and member of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission, and Sondra Barbour, former Executive Vice President, Information Systems and Global Solutions at Lockheed Martin.

"Michael is the best possible addition to our Advisory Board. His passion and understanding for threat prevention is unrivaled. He is on the front lines every day taking on the most advanced targeted attackers. He understands our mission at Trinity Cyber of becoming the invisible third hand in every digital handshake so that our customers can achieve truly preventive control over their network risk," said the company's founder and CEO, Steve Ryan.

About Trinity Cyber, Inc.

Trinity Cyber offers highly advanced network threat prevention by operating a trusted, powerful man-in-the-middle proxy technology that thwarts advanced hacking techniques and threats found within network sessions, without latency. The technology significantly increases network security with a near zero false detection rate. Through its fully managed threat prevention service, Trinity Cyber runs real time countermeasure operations on full sessions at scale, giving organizations limitless maneuverability without disrupting the flow of business. Trinity Cyber is a game changing preventive control for the enterprise. To learn more about how Trinity Cyber is redefining cybersecurity, visit https://www.trinitycyber.com/coolvendor.

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