IonQ Appoint Thomas Kramer as CFO and Salle Yoo as CLO; Appoint Craig Barratt, Harry You, and Niccolo de Masi To Board


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IonQ, the leader in quantum computing, today announced key additions to its leadership team. Joining IonQ are Thomas Kramer, Chief Financial Officer and Salle Yoo, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary. Additionally, IonQ announces that Craig Barratt, formerly of Intel, Google, and Atheros has joined as an Independent Board Member and that Harry You and Niccolo de Masi, will be joining the Board after the closing of its merger with dMY Technology Group III.

"IonQ is entering a crucial next phase of growth as we prepare to go public via a definitive merger agreement with dMY Technology Group III," said IonQ CEO & President Peter Chapman. "It's important that we have a strong leadership team to bring IonQ to scale. With these new appointments, we will accelerate on our mission to build the world's best quantum computers to solve the world's most complex problems, helping to transform business, society, and the world, for the better."

Thomas Kramer, who sits on the boards of PerfectServe, Peak Dental Systems, and MindsMatter DC, was Managing Director of Remarque Advisory. There, he invested in and advised pre-IPO companies in the technology sector. Before founding Remarque, Thomas was Chief Financial Officer of Opower, where he guided the company through its initial public offering, in 2014, and it's sale later to Oracle, in 2015. Prior to that, he co-founded and was the Chief Financial Officer of Cvent. Thomas took the company from zero in revenue through, in mid-2011, the largest private software financing in the United States at that time. Now, at IonQ, his focus will be to commercialize the company's infrastructure and prepare IonQ for its debut on the public market.

"I have been following IonQ's rise to industry leader with keen interest," said IonQ CFO Thomas Kramer. "The ability to solve problems thought to be impossible is within reach, and IonQ is the company that's going to get us there. I'm thrilled to join IonQ at such an exciting time."

Salle Yoo was previously the Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary of Uber. During her tenure at Uber, Salle helped scale the business — as a member of the team that expanded operations from four to over seventy-five countries in under six years. At IonQ, Salle will manage the legal and regulatory functions and will support the company in growing the business and its operations around the world. Salle serves on the boards of Helium, Inc. and Qwick, Inc., and as an advisor to and investor in early stage companies.

"As an investor and advisor, I know what it takes to build an impactful business," said IonQ Chief Legal Officer Salle Yoo. "It comes down to leadership and execution. IonQ has unmatched technical depth and the right team to commercialize and deliver quantum computing at scale. I'm excited to be part of IonQ's journey."

In addition, IonQ is thrilled to announce additions to its board of directors, including:

  • Craig Barratt, Independent Board Member. Craig sits on the boards of Atmosic, Calysta, and Intuitive Surgical, and formerly held executive positions at a variety of high-impact hardware and system businesses, including Intel, Google, Barefoot Networks and Atheros.
  • Harry You, dMY Chairman who will join IonQ's Board upon closing of the merger. He is an experienced public company officer and board member, including Accenture, Oracle, EMC Corporation, among others.
  • Niccolo de Masi, dMY CEO who will join IonQ's Board upon closing of the merger. He is a seasoned public company CEO and board member, with deep expertise in transformative technologies. He has worked at or alongside companies such as Glu Mobile, Resideo Technologies, Essential, Monstermob, and more.

Through their work, the board members will provide direct counsel around IonQ's business strategy and pipeline.

"dMY was founded with the goal of bringing the next generation of great technology to the public," said Harry You, Chairman of dMY. "I look forward to joining the IonQ board as the company embarks on the next phase of its journey to become the first publicly traded quantum computing company."

"IonQ represents the future of computing, with the power to dramatically transform our world," said Niccolo de Masi, CEO of dMY. "I have built my career around helping companies drive forward the promise of critical technologies and I welcome the opportunity to be a part of the realization of quantum computing."

"IonQ's approach to quantum computing gives the company a fundamental advantage to deliver the scale needed for success," said Craig Barratt, IonQ Independent Board Member. "I was drawn to IonQ because of its technological feats - from the company's outstanding academic roots to how the team is building scalable and commercially viable systems. It's an exciting time to be a part of the IonQ team."

Earlier today, IonQ announced it has entered into a definitive merger agreement with dMY Technology Group III, a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company. IonQ also recently unveiled the world's most powerful quantum computer, announcing a next generation quantum computing system featuring 32 perfect qubits with low gate errors and an expected quantum volume greater than 4,000,000. The company's two co-founders were also recently named to the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee (NQIAC).

About IonQ

IonQ, Inc. is the leader in quantum computing, with a proven track record of innovation and deployment. IonQ's 32 qubit quantum computer is the world's most powerful quantum computer, and IonQ has defined what it believes is the best path forward to scale. IonQ is the only company with its quantum systems available through both the Amazon Braket and Microsoft Azure clouds, as well as through direct API access. IonQ was founded in 2015 by Chris Monroe and Jungsang Kim based on 25 years of pioneering research at the University of Maryland and Duke University. To learn more, visit

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