Nexus Services CEO Calls State AGs’ Lawsuit ‘a Form of Retaliation’

Nexus Services Inc., the bonding company being sued by the states of Virginia, Massachusetts and New York, responded Friday with accusations of its own. In a statement, Nexus CEO and President Mike Donovan said that the state attorney generals’ allegations that the company financially preyed on immigrants held in federal detention are “offensive, 100% false and detrimental.”

Donovan said in the statement that he believes that the three attorneys general and the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which filed the civil suit in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia last month, sued the company “as a form of retaliation” after Nexus subsidiary Libre by Nexus filed suits against Virginia, New York and Massachusetts “to ensure the rights of prisoners.” Libre by Nexus also successfully sued CFPB in 2017 to suspend its investigation of Nexus.

Nexus, founded in Augusta County in 2013, is now legally based in Atlanta but its founders are residents of Fishersville and its principal place of business is in Verona, according to the complaint.


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