Framatome Launches Government Solutions Subsidiary


By Richard Foster, VirginiaBusiness

Lynchburg-based Framatome Inc. announced Monday the launch of an independent subsidiary, Framatome U.S. Government Solutions LLC, which will focus on nuclear energy initiatives and projects for federal agencies.

“Our Framatome team has been delivering solutions to the commercial nuclear industry for more than 60 years and Framatome U.S. Government Solutions consolidates our diverse areas of expertise to focus on serving the U.S. government,” said Jeff Whitt, president of Framatome U.S. Government Solutions, in a statement. “We are committed to furthering work with our government partners to deploy nuclear energy services and technologies, and secure our country’s clean energy future.”

Framatome U.S. Government Solutions will support contract work for Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, national laboratories and nuclear energy university programs. The company’s work will include the development of advanced reactor technologies and nuclear services involving fuel, instrumentation, controls, inspections, maintenance and engineering.


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