Herndon-based AtWork is Digitizing the Back Office with Cloud Software

Ron Lewis

For AtWork Systems CEO Ron Lewis, pandemic anniversary conversations need to shift from when people can finally leave their carefully curated home office setups, to whether or not they’ll want to.

“From my perspective, I think COVD has changed the workplace forever,” Lewis said. “I think what it’s proven is that people can be productive working when and where they want to. They don’t have to be in that office. And the tools need to be able to evolve to allow [companies] to support working that way.”

A recent investment recipient of GAP Funds from the Center for Innovative Technology, Herndon-based AtWork was two years ahead of schedule when it began developing a product to help with all the “back office” tasks of small businesses, virtually. The idea came after a decade working in the business profit outsourcing space, when Lewis said he and colleagues Jin Chun and Victor Rhoder realized that small businesses were missing the infrastructure to take on larger projects.


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