GET Cities Expands to DC to Build Pathways for Women in Technology

Gender Equality in Tech Cities (GET Cities) is more focused on human potential than cities — specifically, female potential. The initiative, which was piloted in Chicago and is now being rolled out in D.C., aims to make a significant mark on the future of women in tech. The effort will continue its mantra of helping not only women of color interested in computer science careers, but also trans and non-binary tech founders.

Armed with a $50 million gift from Melinda Gates’ social equity-focused incubator Pivotal Ventures, GET Cities uses a three-pronged approach to bolster underserved female communities, especially Black and Brown communities. Since its debut in early 2020, GET has been working to advance future careers under the pillars of entrepreneurship, industry and academia. For example, toward the aim of the first pillar, the initative’s Tech Equity Working Group (TEWG) in Chicago tackles issues such as democratizing access to venture capital and building pathways for women of color to own their own tech businesses.

Leslie Smith, national director of GET Cities, told that the intiative is “focused on supporting women broadly,” pointing out that the pandemic has disproportionately impacted women of color.


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