EveryAction Acquires GiveGab


ITHACA, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--EveryAction, the fastest-growing and second-largest nonprofit software provider, announced that it has acquired GiveGab, an Ithaca-based company and the market leader in nonprofit, community-wide fundraising. The new partnership will enable EveryAction and GiveGab to offer the most innovative digital tools on the market to empower nonprofits and schools to successfully serve their communities. GiveGab will continue basing its operations in Ithaca, NY and the company’s staff and leadership will remain at GiveGab. “We are thrilled to welcome GiveGab to the EveryAction family,” said Stu Trevelyan, CEO of EveryAction. “It is imperative that nonprofits have access to the most cutting-edge digital tools available on the market, especially during times of crisis. At EveryAction, we’re committed to developing the best technology to empower nonprofits to do the most good that they can.” “We’re excited to join forces with EveryAction, one of the most innovative companies in the space,” said Charlie Mulligan, CEO and Co-founder of GiveGab. “EveryAction’s values and culture are very similar to GiveGab -- they have a shared commitment to empower nonprofits and make a real difference in communities across America. With this new partnership, we now have even more resources to help us reach our goal of having a Giving Day everywhere.” Due to the ongoing pandemic, nonprofits have had to shift the way they fundraise and how they serve the public. With the lack of in-person fundraising, successful virtual fundraising has become critical to the sustainability of today’s nonprofits. Many nonprofits have helped communities large and small weather the Covid-19 crisis by raising funds for food banks, schools and other local aid organizations. That’s why this partnership between EveryAction and GiveGab is so critical for the nonprofit world -- it combines two of the most innovative leaders in digital solutions for nonprofit fundraising and customer relations. GiveGab, best known for their highly successful “Giving Day” campaigns, have made an indelible mark on communities and schools in New York and across America. GiveGab’s Giving Days raised $20,463,749.49 for New York-based organizations and schools last year alone. With this exciting new partnership, EveryAction clients will be introduced to GiveGab’s leading Giving Day solution that has raised billions online and helped more than 40,000 nonprofits engage with their supporters. GiveGab’s Giving Days grow donations 10 times faster than any other giving channel and retain donors 3 times more. ABOUT EVERYACTION EveryAction offers best-in-class digital, development, and organizing SaaS products, with a unified customer relationship management (CRM) platform that serves nonprofits of all sizes. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., EveryAction is fueled by passionate people who truly care about doing more good, with a love of important causes and innovative technology. EveryAction is the fastest-growing nonprofit CRM in the space with the acquisition of GiveGab, EA8, Mobilize, ActionKit and DonorTrends. ABOUT GIVEGAB GiveGab is the #1 digital solution for Giving Days and year-round fundraising tailored to cause-based organizations, community foundations, education institutions, hospital foundations, and public media outlets. With customer satisfaction as their core value, GiveGab started building meaningful relationships with nonprofits in 2011 and quickly grew their connections through powering community-wide Giving Days in 2015. GiveGab further elevated its influence in the nonprofit fundraising space with the acquisition of Kimbia in 2018, leading to the year-round platform now known as Donation Forms. GiveGab has helped more than 40,000 nonprofits raise over $2 billion for great causes worldwide.

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