This Traveling Exhibit is Using Immersive Experiences to Raise Awareness About the Global Water Crisis


By Michael Mascioni, Brooklyn

Massive attention has been focused worldwide on climate change, but the global water crisis has seemed very remote and difficult to truly comprehend for many people in developed countries with plentiful and safe water supplies. As a result, educating people properly about the global water crisis and the broader impact of water on life has often been challenging and elusive.

The Global Water Center’s Mobile Discovery Center, which will begin touring the country at the end of April in Orlando, is setting out to change those perceptions by spotlighting the challenges presented by — and solutions to — that crisis. Technology is playing a role, as the Center includes immersive multimedia exhibits and experiences designed by McLean, Virginia-based Cortina Productions, together with the PRD Group. The exhibit underscores how water is interconnected with life, and the need to work together to end the global water crisis, the Global Water Center states.

“The exhibit is expected to travel the U.S. for five years,” said Jim Cortina, principal and director of development for Cortina Productions, who noted that, globally, 2.2 billion people don’t have access to safe drinking water.


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