Why UCaaS is Ideal for Multi-Site Businesses


Jeff Nolte, President and CEO of CTS in Millersville, MD

A unified enterprise voice network will bring your people together no matter how many locations your company has. An added economic benefit is that VoIP services result in significant cost savings. Whether your deployment is on-site, cloud or a hybrid of both, unified communications will give you more control over your IT budget without having to sacrifice features and functionality.

Today’s UC services can improve how customer calls are handled, enable your teams to meet and collaborate, and simplify system management.

  • Call handling – Improve call routing between locations. For example, salespeople at a remote office can have their calls routed to a backup location while they are out meeting with local clients.
  • Business continuity – Access the system from any location when you can’t reach the impacted office and redirect incoming calls on demand.
  • Contact centers – Extend your call center coverage to remote offices or agents based at home. When calls come in, the phone system’s call-handling technology can automatically route calls to the most appropriate person, team, or office location.
  • Hot desking – Enable staff traveling between locations to take their office phone with them, not by carrying it between sites, but by simply entering a code to access their customized settings.
  • Hybrid work environments – Extend full office telephone functionality and access to business information to your remote users and hybrid workers anywhere.

CTS designs, deploys, and supports unified voice networks. If you lead a multi-location enterprise looking for new ways to distinguish your organization in the marketplace, contact us today at: 800.787.4848 or jnolte@ctsmd.us.

Jeff Nolte is President and CEO of CTS, a leading Voice and IT services provider based in Millersville, Maryland. He may be reached at (800) 787-4848 or jnolte@ctsmd.us. Visit: www.ctsmd.us.

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