FiscalNote Acquires FactSquared


Washington, DC, Jan. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FiscalNote, a global technology company that provides software and political intelligence around legislative and regulatory risk, announced that it has acquired AI-enabled transcription and alternative data firm FactSquared.

“Receiving timely and accurate read-outs of comments made by our public officials is a crucial service to our clients,” said FiscalNote founder and CEO, Tim Hwang. “FactSquared’s commitment to innovative rigor in the transcripts space will not only further strengthen the robust set of products and services we provide clients, but also drive meaningful technological innovation as we continue expanding the breadth and depth of our offerings globally.”

FactSquared gained national attention for running, a website that transcribes and analyzes every word spoken publicly by President Trump. It has been the canonical source for everything the President has said publicly since January 2017, making his speeches, tweets, schedule and announcements instantly searchable in real time, without commentary or opinion. It has been cited more than 4,000 times by CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Fox News, MSNBC and hundreds of media outlets worldwide.

“Our AI platform has had an enormous impact in the political information space over the past four years,” noted FactSquared founder and CEO, Bill Frischling. “But when thinking about what’s next for FactSquared, we quickly realized that by joining FiscalNote, we’d have the opportunity to not just expand the reach and impact of our current technology, but also team up with their brilliant data scientists and machine-learning experts to build some pretty exciting products and services.”

FactSquared was founded in 2017 by both Frischling and former Head of the Office of Investment and Innovation at the Small Business Administration, Mark Walsh, who also served on FactSquared’s board of directors. Frischling will join FiscalNote's Research and Development team, while Walsh will become an advisor to FiscalNote. Mary-Sara Camerino, FactSquared’s COO, will work with FiscalNote to help integrate the business and continue FactSquared’s legacy of innovation.

About FiscalNote

FiscalNote is a global technology company focused on delivering timely and relevant political and regulatory intelligence in a complex and evolving world. More than 4,000 clients worldwide rely on FiscalNote for legislative and regulatory data, policy news & analysis, stakeholder management, collaboration and advocacy tools.

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About FactSquared

FactSquared is an alternative data company specializing in analyzing and transcribing public figures by building unique neural profiles based on everything an individual has said and how they said it. FactSquared's proprietary algorithms allow its customers to analyze what someone says like any other data -- finding trends, correlations, patterns, and outliers in the information. FactSquared customers know what wasn't said as well as what was said.

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