Owl Cyber Defense Acquires Trident Assured Collaboration Systems


Columbia, MD, Jan. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Owl Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC, a global market leader in cybersecurity solutions and services for defending network boundaries and enabling secure data sharing across domains, announced today the acquisition of the Trident Assured Collaboration Systems product line. ACS has the only U.S. government approved voice over IP  and video teleconference cross domain solutions as well as the industry’s most advanced full motion video filtering capability – functionality critical to CDS operations in an era of drones and cameras. The acquisition gives Owl a broader range of certified network perimeter defense solutions than any competitor in the market.

Owl, backed by private investment firm, DC Capital Partners, has been a leading provider of CDSs to the U.S. Department of Defense (“DoD”) and intelligence community (“IC”) for over 20 years. Owl is also the global leader in cybersecurity protection for critical infrastructure, offering the only U.S. government tested and accredited CDSs available for deployment inside and outside the U.S to both government and commercial clients.

Owl’s CDSs offer the highest level of network perimeter security, far exceeding the capabilities of firewalls and other commonplace network defenses. Owl’s products are the choice for protecting the nation’s most sensitive networks and systems against attack. Recent incidents have demonstrated the inability of legacy firewalls to prevent cyberattacks against critical business and operating systems and cloud-based applications. The combination of Owl and ACS’s technology offers a full continuum of CDS products that provide hardware-enforced domain separation and layers of data filtering assurance rather than a single network border checkpoint with minimal content filtering.

“This is another step in executing our strategic vision. The acquisition of ACS not only places Owl ahead of other cross domain solution providers, but it also plays a pivotal role in our larger strategy to offer true cybersecurity protection. The future requires cost effective, easy to implement, use, and maintain solutions,” said Thomas J. Campbell, Chairman of Owl and Founder and Managing Partner of DC Capital. “The explosion of the Internet of Things (“IoT”) demands cyber secure devices, from those that control our critical infrastructure, to our homes and cars. The technology Owl pioneered 20 years ago is now available in form factors small enough to be embedded inside devices. Owl has always been an early mover, the first to develop hardware-enforced network protection and now the first to offer a hardware-enforced CDS that can be embedded.”

“Owl has been rapidly moving towards this number one position in CDSs for the last couple of years,” commented Robert Stalick, President and CEO of Owl. “With the addition of ACS, the last piece has fallen into place. Owl is now the clear leader in accredited cross domain solution offerings, with the widest range of capabilities and products – solving problems from tactical to enterprise in data, voice, and video; for government, critical infrastructure, and commercial enterprises.”

Solutions like firewalls that worked 25 years ago as a network protection approach are no longer effective against nation-state quality attacks. As nation-state attacks increase, the approaches used by state actors begin to permeate the criminal side of cyberattacks. Effective cybersecurity now requires an integrated, multi-layered system with data diode hardware components in guards which perform intensive data examination and verification. The next generation of protection, coming out now and built on a combination of Owl and ACS technology, embeds CDS functionality in extremely low-latency, unmodifiable hardware.

Jerry B. Chernock, Partner at DC Capital, added, “It is obvious that we need to address the inadequacy of firewalls. There is a reason why our clients insist on cross domain solutions and not solely on firewalls. Recent attacks, including a security breach at a prominent U.S.-based cybersecurity firm and several U.S. government agencies, have punctuated the need for intelligence, military, critical infrastructure and corporate clients to quickly evolve how they protect their networks.”

“The sophistication of these technologies cannot be overstated,” said Ken Walker, Chief Technology Officer at Owl. “The U.S. government continues to set the standards for the most rigorous operational requirements and testing regimes globally, setting expectations that very few companies can meet. Owl is one of a handful of elite companies that satisfies the government-established ‘Raise the Bar’ requirements.”

About Owl Cyber Defense Solutions

Owl has been serving the cybersecurity needs of the U.S. government since inception – providing hardware-enforced cybersecurity controls, industry leading expertise in operating system hardening, extensive device and network-based assessment services and thought-leadership in filtering/data processing disciplines. Owl cross domain solutions are operating broadly in missions across both the U.S. Department of Defense and intelligence community. Globally, Owl is the leader in network and systems perimeter protection for nuclear power plants, oil and gas operations, renewables and power generation and transmission, with aggressive growth occurring in the data center and cloud provider sectors. Owl continues to innovate and is bringing to market the world’s first embeddable CDS technology to serve the Internet of Things.

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DC Capital Partners is a private equity investment firm headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, focused on making investments in U.S.-based, Government and Engineering businesses.

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